About us

We’re designers and engineers who have been working together for years. We strive to create easy to use, high-quality products that make life better.

We started Mendel to make it easy for anyone to learn and get more consistent results in their growing via data and beautiful apps whether they are in a greenhouse or at home, doing it for fun or for commercial purposes.

Just a few other thoughts

Why Mendel?

We named our company after Gregor Mendel, the Father of Genetics. He’s the guy that discovered how plants and animals (humans too!) inherit traits through breeding. All the hybrids you see now in crops owe a nod to the experiments that he conducted back in the mid-1800’s.

How do you pronounce Mendel?

Men-dell? Men-dull? Men-dle? Men-dil? We’ve heard it all and everyone says it differently. We mostly say Mendle, like Randle. Technically it’s mĕn′dl :)

What's going on with the logo?

Through Gregor Mendel’s research on over 10,000 pea plants modern day genetics was born. Our logo is both a tip of the hat to the pea experiments that Gregor Mendel is most famous for, as well as the rising of the sun.

What is your connection to RapidLED?

The same co-founders of RapidLED are also on the founding team of Mendel Science. Mike and Eric are involved in the day-to-day operations of Mendel and play a hands-on role in customer service, product development, and all aspects of the business.