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Getting Started:

Using the app:

To get started, if you’re using an iOS or Android device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android phone open the app and create an account. If you prefer to use a web browser (which you can do on your phone or desktop), rather than our native apps, you’ll create an account via the web app which you can access by clicking the "App" button above in the header or the "Login to the Web App" button in the section above. You will have to confirm your email address in order to receive notifications from the web app.

Once logged in you’ll see a room titled “Grow” already created for your convenience. You can create additional Grow Spaces by clicking the +Add Space button in the top right corner of the web app and bottom tab of the iOS app. Alternatively, you can simply edit the name of the existing Space by clicking on it.

To add your Air Sensor CO2 or Air Sensor Lite in the web app or Android app click on the “Sensors” tab on the left side of the screen and then click on the “Add Air Sensor” button on the top right hand side. In the iOS app click on the “Add” tab and then the “Air Sensor” row.

Follow the on screen instructions from there and if you have any questions feel free contact us here.

Air Sensor CO2 Calibration:

There are two methods to calibrate your CO2 sensor. Your sensor MUST be calibrated before use, and we recommend re-calibrating at least every 6 months (or in between grows) to ensure accuracy. The recommended calibration method is to follow our procedure after taking your unit outside in fresh air, while the second process requires having CO2 calibration gas of 1000 PPM. Instructions for both methods can be found here.

Status LED Color Guide
Status LED Meaning Notes
Blinking Blue WiFi listening mode Normal if unconnected
Blinking Green Connecting to your WiFi router Abnormal if it persists >30 seconds
Blinking Green & White Connecting to our cloud servers Should only last a few seconds
Breathing White Connected to our server and WiFi Normal operating behavior
Single Red Flash Sensor woke up and took a reading Normal operating behavior, once a minute
Solid Green Ready for Outside calibration Important to walk away during this process
Alternating green and orange Ready for CO2 Calibration Gas Important to walk away during this process
Blinking Magenta Performing an OTA update Your firmware is updating!